Yaşar Kurt (b. 16 August 1968 in Istanbul, Turkey) is a Rock artist.


He studied in 1990 at the Faculty of Economics of Eskişehir University but did not graduate.

He founded the alternative musical group Beyaz Yunus (literally White Dolphin). In 1993, he had his first studio recording in Germany and in 1994, released the album Sokak Şarkıları (literally Street Songs) recorded in Cologne, Germany. The album on the Ada Müzik music label became very popular in Turkey. A series of concerts followed throughout Turkey. Moving to Berlin, a daughter was born named Rosa. He returned in 1996 to Turkey to continue with his musical career.

Göndermeler (literally Referrals) was released in 1997 album on Aks Müzik and Boğaziçi Müzik labels. After one-and-a-half years, he released Reflex produced by Ağdaş Müzik containing 9 songs stretching in the perios 1990-2000 as well as 3 cover versions.

In 2003, he released a collection album entitled Anne under his own music label. In 2003 he was one of the founders Barışarock, a major rock event in Turkey. In 2004, he wrote the music for Atv television's popular series "Sevda Tepesi".

He discovered his Armenian roots and collaborated in 2007 with Armenian-Turkish artist Arto Tunçboyacıyan forming Yash-ar (made up of part of his and Arto's first names).

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